Technical No.:

313-A6R (PC1867751)

General Specification
JIS D 5010/KES D-C653 Testing Specification Standards

Technical Specifications                                                                              Unit

Rated Voltage 12.8 V
Coil Resistance 65±10%
Pull In Voltage 7 ≤V ≤15 V
Drop Out Voltage 0.5 ≤V ≤6 V
Resistance 1 KΩ
Arrangement normally open
Contact Material AgSnO2
Drop Voltage at 10A(before durability test) 0.2 V
Drop Voltage at 10A(after durability test) 0.3 V
MAX  Coil Current(12V 23°C) 180 mA
Electrical  Life, Lamp Load as table A
Electrical  Life, Inductive Load as table A
Temperature Range -30~105 °C
Base Plate Material PA 6.6+30% GF
Terminals Material CU ZN TINPLATE



Table A:

Item Test Condition
Test Voltage Standard operation Voltage in table 3
Load Actual load or load corresponding thereto
Rate of Intermittnt Operation 10 times to 30 times per min ( operatiing period and rest period are subject to the agreement between the parties concerned.)
Endurance Number of Times Choice any one from among 10,000 times, 30,000 times, 50,000 times and 100,000 times in accordance with the agreement between the parties concerned.

Dimentions and pin-layout:

Product Structure Code: